Kent Shotgun Ammunition, Delivered To Your Door

Special products for the Hunter, We welcome you to our new web site! Firearms Service Center Inc. is one of the largest suppliers of Kent-Gamebore shotgun ammo in the U.S. We take pride in being able to offer the finest complete line of shotgun shells on the market.

KENT ‘IMPACT’ TUNGSTEN-MATRIX, waterfowl and turkey loads have set a new benchmark for non-toxic shooting requirements, no longer do you have to settle for waterfowl shells that limit your hunting success. Duck and Goose hunters have long sought an effective replacement for lead shot, we now have it !!! A material thats as heavy as lead with even better 'take down' qualities, a pellet that performs and expands with penetration, giving you the hunter a shell with unbelievable energy transfer. KENT combined this magic stuff in shotshells of the highest quality and velocity with payloads a waterfowl hunter can fall in love with. Makes your 12ga 2 ¾” gun more effective than a 10ga with steel ! And can be used with any choke.

KENT TUNGSTEN-MATRIX TURKEY LOADS, are the only real choices for an effective non-toxic shotshell for hunting areas where you are not allowed to hunt with lead shot.

KENT ‘FASTEEL’ STEEL SHOTSHELLS, have been developed to get the most effective performance from steel, we have come a long way since the early day of steel shot. Kent’s Fasteel shells are as good as it gets, with highly polished premium steel shot, extremely high velocities, and maximum shot loads. CHECK OUT THE NEW 3 ½ KENT ‘FASTEEL’

KENT ‘VELOCITY’ TARGET LOADS the competitive edge for trap. Skeet, and sporting clays. What makes them different, Diamond Shot, a special super polished, extra high antimony shot that delivers outstanding performance, at reasonable prices!

KENT ‘ULTIMATE’ FIELD AND TURKEY LOADS>, the lead shotshell with the diamond shot advantage. Traditional lead loads with outstanding performance.