Kent 'Impact' Tungsten Matrix shotshells, The most effective waterfowl shell that has ever been made. High velosities, heavy pay-loads, with a unique pellet that brings back the good-ole-days. Kent's special mixture produces the weight of lead and expands without fragmentation, delivering unbeiliveble energy for fewer cripples. Look at the special new Turkey shells !!! ( Limited supply - There will be no more production from Kent in 2006-2007 )
Kent 'Impact' Tungsten/Matrix 12ga 3 1/2" 2oz
SKU: K1235NT56
12ga 3 1/2" 2oz KENT'S NEW SUPER GOOSE BUSTER 2 OZ OF THE MOST LETHAL SHOT THAT HAS EVER BEEN DEVELOPED, AT 1260 FPS, "PURE DEATH" Shot size, #1 or #3 (Supply Limited for 2007 season)
Price is per box, if you want a case order a Quantity of 10.
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