Tetra Gun Products

'Tetra Gun' Special gun care products that work ! The cleaners and lubes that keep your gun going in extreme hunting conditions, Gunsmith recomended, as the best!
Tetra Gun Spray Cleaner and Lube (8oz)
Gunsmith's Majic, A wash-out cleaner that removes old lube, powder residue, dirt, grime, grit and leaves Tetra lube, in a dry film behind. low odor, and seals the metal surface! Slick! exclent for waterfowl guns, muzzle loaders, handguns, and rifles.
Price: $9.99 Quantity
Tetra Gun Lube
Tetra Gun Super Lube, apply, wipe off, the more you buff the slicker it gets!
Price: $7.99 Quantity